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PBI II Army List Creator

PBI II Army List Creator Provides a quick and easy way to produce army lists for the PBI II set of Company Level WWII rules from the RFCM team at Peter Pig. More...

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Welcome to The Quartermaster General's (QMG) Website. Here you will find a number of services that we think will prove invaluable to your pursuit of the wargaming hobby. For easy navigation around the QMG website we have provided a number of navigation link bars like the one to the side of this page. Others will be positioned either the same as this or at the top of the page you are viewing. If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help you as mush as we possibly can.

As of April 2003 we will no longer be offering a wargames painting service. Instead we will be concentrating mainly on software development for the wargames hobby. It is hoped that we may still be able to continue producing new models for our Battlefield Scenery range from time to time.

Our first project for software development is that of an Army list creator for the RFCM PBI 2 WWII rules set available from Peter Pig. New! Version 2 of this software is now available. Details of this can be seen in our software section. A Demo copy of this Software is available from the Downloads section of this site and a full version may be purchased direct from us. Our next project will be a Army List Creator for the DBM rules system which we hope to have ready by the end of the year. From time to time we also hope that we will be able to produce playing aids for your wargaming needs. These will be available from the downloads section where you can currently find a Quick Reference Sheet for PBI2.

A Demo copy of this Software is available from the Downloads section of this site. We hope to have the full version ready for the spring of this year (2003). This software is still under development and will be constantly updated as new work is carried out.

This programme came about through the need for a quick and easy method of producing Army lists that could be used for playing the RFCM teams PBI II rules set. PBI II is a set of rules for playing Company sized engagements in WWII wargames. Due to the nature of the complexity of Army Organisations for this period it was hard to use other previously available software to design and output Army lists and so the task of writing a bespoke software programme to undertake this task was begun. PBI II Army List Creator now comes with an automated setup program to install the software on to your computer. Once this is run you will be able to access the program in the usaul way via the Start - Programs menu bar.

Top war games of this generation

If you are a serious gamer, you probably know about these amazing war games. But even if you don’t, you will certainly love to give them a try. You will have to fight against armies, you will conquer new territories and you will shoot your rivals in intense combats that will make your heart pump more blood into your veins. Here are some of the best war games you that should have known by now.

A battlefield right into your living room

You will love the sting of battle even from the first moments after installing these games. MAG is an addictive game, it brings 256 live players in an arena and it offers an online shooting experience that will keep you on your chair for hours. No matter where you will spawn, there will be some guy there to shoot you. Things can become frustrating, but make sure you will kill your opponents, hide well, and you will eventually know what happens if you manage to kill all of your rivals.

While ArmA 2 will be installed on you PC, you can stay for a few minutes on live sex cams. But be sure you will be ready for some intense moments because this war game is quite similar to the reality. You will have to use certain tactics and strategies to win the battle and if the ammunition stores do not give you an advantage over your rivals, your military world will disappear as your character will perish under a rain of bullets.

SOCOM gathers millions of fans from all over the world who actually love playing the game even when they are not winning. Both online and offline plays are awesome, the characters are true to reality and the mission-based gameplay in tactical environment still manages to attract new fans for SOCOM. Yet in case you are in the mood for some WWII action, install Sniper Elite V2 and this war will definitely charm you.

This game will transport you back in time, your character will have the same equipment that real soldiers had back then and, even though the game is pretty linear, it will still make you play it for weeks until you will get addicted to another war game. For those who want a console-based military stimulation it was developed Operation Flashpoint: Red River. The US Marines know how to fight and they will not let you down in this game where strategy and smarts play a significant role. The kill/death ratio does not matter here. All you will have to do is finesse your way through enemies and make sure you will win this war.

Numerous other war games will worth your time. However, Call of Duty remains one of the best war games you will ever play. Random and zany things are likely to happen during the game, but the shooting scenes and intense gameplay are definitely winning elements when it comes to choosing the best war game. Which one of these is your favorite war game?

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