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PBI II Army List Creator Software

Once this screen is loaded on to your desktop you can select to create a new Army List through the File - New Menu. This will then present you with the next screen. From here you will be able to select your desired Army Nationality. Once you have chosen your desired Nationality you will the be presented with a screen that will allow you to then chose from the given Organisations available to you Army as can be seen below. Once you have chosen your Army's organisation the software will then load in the setting required to present you with the options available to you as a Company Commander for that given Army Organisation. From here you can then select whether you require a Company Commander, his Morale and any transport or support sections he has available to him. From the Company Assets section you can select the number of Platoons required and any other assets the you think your company will require for its up coming mission.

Once you have selected a Company Asset by clicking on the relevant box that Assets button will become enabled. When you click on this button you can then select all of that Assets properties as in the next image. Other Company Assets include Armoured Platoons and as can be seen in the next image you are presented with a list of the options available to you. Once you have selected all of the Assets that you require you can see a detailed breakdown of how you have spent your points.

Battlefield Scenery Battlefield Scenery is a new range of 15mm Stonecast accessories for the battlefield's of World War II. The range is designed to give wargamers' access to high quality value for money accessories to add realism and excitement to their wargames tables. At Present the range contains six different models featuring scenery for use in the Western Europe theatre of operations. The range will be further expanded in the near future to include models for use in the Pacific Theatre.

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