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Best war games available in stores

Whether you want it for you PC, your Android gadget, iPad or Xbox, there are numerous war games, shootings and RPGs available in stores. These games will keep you on your chair for hours, they will bring the battlefield in your own room and you will sure become addicted to the awesome gameplays. Here are some intense games that you should have purchased by now.

Your games collection is never complete

Be an elite supersoldier behind the enemy lines with Metal Gear Solid V. Purchase this game and play it on your Xbox until you will so tired, that you will fall asleep on the couch. Infiltrate enemy compounds, rescue prisoners, kidnap bears for your own private zoo and blow up tanks if you want to. The meticulous design and impressive technology deliver an irresistible combination for those who are addicted to war games.

One of the best iOS war games is Slitherine’s Panzer Corps because it will take you from the first days of Blitzkried all the way to the last days of war. Many historical details will delight you, the detailed terrain representations are true to reality and once you will complete this campaign, new adventures will wait for you.

Buy XCOM 2 for your MAC and you will not regret your purchase. This game is actually available for both MAC and PCs, so it can be played with thousands of other players from all over the world. You will find it in many stores because XCOM 2 is about forming a team of guerilla to fight against the alien oppressors. The turn-based strategy game will offer you an overhead isometric view of the battlefield, which means that you will get to see your team’s moves and the aliens getting closer.

Many other war games will entice you with the details, gameplay, strategies, designs and techniques. Purchase them from your favorite store and make sure you will get a step closer to completing your games collection!

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